PT. Yushiro Indonesia

logoA member of the Yushiro Group companies, PT. Yushiro Indonesia. was founded in 2010, and has been providing high-value-added products to various metal processing facilities including the automobile industry.

Yushiro Metalworking Oils and Fluids have always been on the center stage of machine industries, steel works, automobile production and various other manufacturing sites, and prides in its leading role as a supplier of cutting and grinding oils/fluids, in which in holds a 30% of the domestic Share, and an unrivaled 70% share in the Japanese automobile industry.


June 2010:

Established PT. Yushiro Indonesia Company.

May 2011:

PT Yushiro Indonesia start operation.

January 2012:

PT Yushiro Indonesia began commercial production.

February 2012:

PT Yushiro Indonesia began delivery of product to the customer.

May 2015:

PT Yushiro Indonesia was certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System.