Privacy Policy

PT. Yushiro Indonesia. (hereinafter, Yushiro) takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy covers how Yushiro treats personal information that Yushiro collects and receives upon you using the Yushiro homepage, and all personal information of users and customers of Yushiro products and services that will thoroughly be protected, managed, secured and used according to the following policy.

Personal Information
Personal information, as defined in the law protecting personal information (Law No. 57; May 30, 2003), is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, date of birth, address, email address, or phone number, or other information that can be easily compared with other information as a means to identify a certain individual.

Information Collection
Yushiro may collect personal information on the Yushiro website, within the scope necessary when you request a Yushiro catalog, register to subscribe to the Yushiro mail magazine or inquire about Yushiro products or services.

Information Use
Yushiro uses information within the scope agreed by you, and may be used within the scope mandated when demanded by law.

Confidentiality and Security
Yushiro makes every effort to maintain accurate and the most recent personal information on you, and has physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect personal information from unauthorized/illegal use, loss, destruction, modification and leakage. Corporate information is also subject to the guidelines of confidentiality and security in the same manner as personal information.

Information Sharing, Disclosure, Editing, Termination of Use and Deletion
Yushiro responds to personal requests to disclose, edit, terminate use and delete personal information when requested by the lawful owner of the information, when and only after proper confirmation that the requester of this service has the legal right to make such request on the subject information. In such case, proper measures shall be taken within an acceptable period of time.

Legal Process, Regulations, and Sustainable Improvement of In-house Standards
Yushiro abides by personal information laws and regulations, and enforces measures to execute and maintain this privacy policy, as well as sustain constant improvement of in-house regulations and standards to protect personal information.