Product Type

Product Series Classification Application
YUSHIROKEN Water miscible cutting and grinding fluid M/C, N/C, Grinding Machine, Honing, Automatic machine
YUSHIRON CUT ABAS Straight cutting and grinding oil M/C, N/C, Grinding Machine
YUSHIRON CUT Straight cutting and grinding oil Honing, Automatic machine
YUSHIRON OIL Straight cutting and grinding oil Shaving, Shaver, Hobbing, Broaching
YUSHIRON FORMER Forming Oil Cold Forging, Pressing Welding, Fine blanking, Bending, Grueling, Roll Forming
YUSHIRON FORM Die-casting Lubricant Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, Die-casting process
YUSHIRO CLEANER Cleaner Washing machine, Parts cleaning, Floor cleaning
NONRUSTER Rust Preventative Agent Solvent-based anti-rust oil, Water-soluble Anti-rust Oil